Herbal Consultations

In my consultations, I focus on a personal relationship to the plants and one’s own body, to help each client navigate their unique path of healing.

The first consultation consists of an intake, which is where you, the client, get to tell me your story, the story of your body, your life, how you ended up where you are today and all the turning points and impactful moments that have shaped your path and your health. This is a holistic look at your well-being and your body – I won’t simply ask you for a history of surgeries, injuries, medications, illnesses. We will explore your journey together and as it unfolds, the path of healing will become illuminated, filled with the various plant allies that will help you along the way. I will look at your tongue (which is like a map of the body, giving us a guide to the state of your organs and tissues), take your pulse (not to measure your heart rate, but rather to get a sense of your inner world), and then we will test the remedies. 

Who are the remedies?

These are the plants. The allies. The ones who will help you open up to yourself more deeply and will enlighten your view of your health and your body, heart and mind. 

Areas of Specialty:

  • Holistic Preventative Care (self-care practices and seasonal foods for wellness)
  • Women’s Health (uterine and menstrual health, supporting women through their life cycle – PMS, fertility, menopause)
  • Healing the Gut and Digestive Imbalances
  • Nourishing the Body to Fortify All Systems (lymphatic, immune, respiratory, cardiovascular)
  • Natural Beauty – Hair and Skin Care 
  • Nervous System Support (for stress, anxiety, depression etc.)
  • Acute Issues (pain, injuries, colds and flus, fevers, allergies, rashes etc.)

Why Herbal Medicine?

Herbalism is a healing tradition that is found all over the world. This healing relationship with plants and the natural world is our birthright as human beings. For many of us, living modern lives, we are more or less disconnected from this ancestral wisdom and we suffer for it. 

Choosing to step onto the path of herbal medicine is empowering.

It gives you the opportunity to take your health and well-being into your own hands, to take an active role in your own self-care and at the same time to be able to rely on simple remedies from the plants to heal yourself.

We all come from ancestors who knew how to live in relationship with the land, tending to it and relying on herbs, fungi and wild foods for nourishment and medicine. To return to the ancestral wisdom that is inherent within each of us, is to be able to heal our bodies with the plant medicines nature has provided and also to remember how to be stewards of the land. To care for, protect and help the ecosystems surrounding us thrive – whose health and survival we are dependent on, whether we realize it or not.

What is amazing about plant medicines is that they work with you, they support your body in finding its own sense of well-being and balance. 

Many of my clients have chronic health issues that western medicine has not been able to help them with. Sometimes they have seen other ‘alternative practitioners’ or even tried some herbal remedies on their own, but they have not been able to find the relief they are looking for. Others have seemingly minor health complaints, but which, in the long run, can build a fertile ground for more serious disease and health issues, especially in our elder years. 

These issues go largely unseen or untreated in the western medical system. Very often folks just accept that they will be in chronic pain or have digestive issues or severe menstrual cramps indefinitely. Many of the solutions that western medicine provides (if any) are largely invasive (e.g. surgery) or suppressive – medications often suppress the symptoms without treating the cause, so even if in the short term the person ‘feels better’, the imbalance causing the problem continues and this can lead to other problems later on.

What is amazing about plant medicines is that they work with you, they support your body in finding its own sense of well-being and balance. When used properly, they are gentle and supportive, but strong and enlivening in their action and  the best part is – they really do work. 

Book Your Consultation

Here are some questions to help you prepare for your first session:

  • What are your main concerns?

  • What do you hope to get out of working with me?

  • Do you have any background or experience with plant medicines?

  • What are your biggest challenges when it comes to your own self-care? (i.e. Do you struggle with prioritizing, changing habits, lack of time and energy, too much focus on others etc.?)

Please include your answers and any additional information when sending your email.


Initial Consultation (typically takes 1 ½ to 2 hours)

Sliding Scale* $85-125

Follow-up sessions (30 minutes to an hour) are based on an hourly rate of $85 with a minimum fee of $45 for the first half hour, after that I prorate the amount based on how long the session takes.

*I offer a sliding scale for my services because I believe herbal medicine should be accessible to all. Paying what you can supports me in being able to continue to do the healing work I do while offering it at reasonable prices. If you are in need and cannot afford my fee, reach out to me and ask me about mini-consults and other more affordable options.

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