Herbalism Course for Women 2023

Healing Our Bodies with Plants, Rituals and Folk Medicine


Plant Walks
Medicine Making
Body Systems
Elements and Energetics
Nourishing Foods
Flower Medicine

Through self-care practices, rituals and herbal medicine we will learn the ways of our ancestors, how to care for and heal our bodies, wombs and breasts, from menarche to menopause and beyond.

We will cover a range of topics from daily and monthly self-care to issues like yeast infections, cramps, cysts and even fibroids. Our explorations will include the female reproductive system through its physiology, function and structure and how it affects and is connected to other systems in our bodies. Students will learn how to utilize womb care practices like steaming, baths and massage to create a holistic self-care practice that can be woven into their daily lives.

Although we will be focusing largely on the reproductive years, this series is applicable to women of all ages. The skills and practices you will learn support not only reproductive health, but also digestion, stress, immunity and an overall sense of well-being.

The course will include: hands-on workshops in the garden, plant walks and medicine making, online presentations and self-paced assignments.

As always, the plants are at the center of this course. We will rely on them as a source of support and wisdom to guide us through this journey of healing our bodies and caring for ourselves. In each class, we will become more and more deeply acquainted with the plants – sitting with them, listening, tasting and using them in foods, topical applications and medicinal preparations.
Fresh plants and herbal teas will be provided along with guided practices for your own journey of self-healing with the plants.

Course Outline


INTRO: the Elements and Constitutions

  • Four Elements – Fire – Water – Earth – Air/Ether
  • Plant Energetics
  • Greeting the Herbs

The Nervous System

  • Communing with the Plants
  • Adrenals – Stress, Fatigue, Nourishment
  • Herbs for Rebuilding and Rejuvenation

The Liver

  • The Gut-Brain Connection

  • Hormones, Digestion, and Detoxification

  • Herbal Foods and Tonics for Digestive Health


The Breast

  • The Lymphatic System – Fluids, Rivers of the Body
  • Removal of Wastes, Exercise, Self-massage
  • Herbal Oils and Poultices

The Womb

  • Stagnation and Flow – Menstruation, PMS, Bleeding, Menopause

  • Self-Care Practices for Uterine Health – Steaming, Baths, Massage

  • Herbs for the Blood + Circulation 

Spring Soirée and Culmination

  • Creating a Monthly Self-Care Practice
  • Celebrating the Spring Season with Herbal Foods and Libations

Classes Begin January 21st!

Online Zoom Classes 

7 Webinar Recordings *

 ~ over 16 hours of class time ~

*These are pre-recorded webinars that you can watch on your own time, includes supplemental reading material. 

In-person Classes 


10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m *

We will meet in the garden for hands-on activities in the mornings, followed by an afternoon plant walk!

* There will be an hour or so break for lunch in between.


January 21, 28
February 11, 25
March 4
April 8, 22

The final day of classes is our Spring Soirée on

Saturday, April 22.

All Classes are held in my garden in Glendale, CA and plant walks will be at nearby local wild spaces within the Los Angeles area.

Optional Add-Ons

(additional fees required)

One-on-One Session

with Irena: 

Clarify your unique needs in your healing journey with the plants

To be scheduled as desired

Private Steam Session

Enjoy your own private Yoni Steam

Experience a relaxing herbal steam for the womb

in a healing setting

Irena will prepare a personalized herbal blend

to best support your unique physiology


COST: $825
(includes all webinars, plant walks, garden workshops, supplemental materials and the Spring Soirée)

$125 Deposit to reserve your space in the program

Early bird pricing $775 if paid in full by January 15


Payment Plan Option:
Four monthly payments (after the deposit) to be paid in full by April 5 

~ Interested in a partial work-trade option? Let’s chat about it! ~


NEW! Online Only Option 

$425 | 7 Webinar Recordings (over 16 hours of class time), 2 one-on-one Zoom sessions with Irena, supplemental reading packet, self-study assignments and Herbal Resource Kit (includes dried herbs and extracts for your use)

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